Workers' Compensation Law 101

Administrative Hearings before the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles

Topics covered in this course include:

  1. Types of Hearings
    1. Security Suspension
    2. Noncompliance Suspension
    3. Random FRA Suspension
    4. Medical Suspension
    5. CDL Suspension
    6. NDR Suspension
    7. Out of State Dill
    8. Fraudulent Driver Suspension
  2. Prehearing Issues
    1. Ex parte' Communication
    2. Continuance Requests
    3. Choice of Venue
    4. Jurisdictional Preemptions
    5. Public Records Requests
    6. Due Process Issues
    7. Corporation Representation
  3. Hearings
    1. Ohio Administrative Procedure Act (R.C. 119)
    2. Scope of Hearing
    3. Evidentiary Burden
    4. Forms of Evidence
    5. Deadlines
  4. Typical Issues
    1. Non-Compliance Suspensions
    2. Security Suspensions
    3. CDL Suspensions
    4. National Driver Registry Suspensions
    5. Medical Suspensions
  5. Contacting BMV
  6. Questions and Answers
7 part video, duration of 01:00:37.
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Michael L. Weber

Michael L. Weber

Michael Weber, Attorney at Law, is certified as a Specialist in Ohio Workers’ Compensation law by the Ohio State Bar Association. Mr. Weber is committed to helping injured workers receive fair and just compensation for their job-related injuries and illnesses. He is one of a limited number of attorneys in the State of Ohio to hold the designation of Workers’ Compensation Specialist by the Ohio State Bar Association.

Michael Weber was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1989, the Kentucky Bar in 1990, and the U.S. District Court in 1990. Mr. Weber received his BS Cum Laude in 1986 from Case Western Reserve University and his JD in 1989 from George Washington University National Law Center.  He was certified as a Specialist by OSBA on January 1, 1999. He is a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association and the Cincinnati Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Committee.

Michael Weber owns, rides, and races motorcycles. He has represented bikers who have suffered significant injuries in motorcycle accidents. When you explain your case to him, he understands the physics and mechanics of riding motorcycles.  In addition to familiarity with the law regarding motorcycle accidents, and as a rider he understands and relates to the motorcyclist who is injured.  He is a member of the American Motorcyclist Association.


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