Trial Mistakes from Judge's Perspective

This program is taught by Hamilton County, Ohio Judge Steven Martin, who discusses the 10

  1. Be Prepared! Need I say more?
  2. Be Civil. It will not help your case.
  3. Rarely, if ever, tell a jury, or most judges for that matter, that your case is complicate
  4. Proffer your testimony and exhibits that were excluded by the judge during the trial or he
  5. Submit your jury instructions in advance.
  6. If you are challenging the competence of an expert or any other witness to testify, please
  7. If you are using demonstrative exhibits, get them close to the jury.
  8. If you are going to surprise your opponent with motions, keep in mind you are also surpris
  9. When you file a motion, please notify the courtroom. I need hard copies.
  10. Be yourself.  Jurors will see through a phony and it will not help your client.
7 part video, duration of 01:01:16.
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Judge Steven E. Martin

Judge Steven E. Martin
  • Occupation: Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge
  • Neighborhood: Mariemont, Ohio
  • Education: Anderson High School, 1975; Indiana University B.S. 1979; JD 1982
  • Prior to becoming a judge in 1996, was an assistant county prosecutor specializing in environmental crime
  • Has also been in private practice