Spotting Financial Fraud:  A Guide for Lawyers
  • Who commits fraud?
    • Why should a lawyer care?
  • Why do people commit fraud?
    • The signs for a lawyer to watch out for.
  • Statement on Auditing Standards No. 99- including techniques
    • Describes fraud and its characteristics.
    • Requires ‘brainstorming’ sessions to discuss how and where the entity’s financial statements might be susceptible to material misstatement due to fraud.
    • Requires the auditor to gather information necessary to identify risks of material misstatement due to fraud by the following
    • Requires the auditor to use the information gathered to identify risks that may result in a material misstatement.
    • Requires the auditor to evaluate the entity’s programs and controls that address the identified risks of material misstatement.
    • Requires the auditor to assess the risks of material misstatement due to fraud throughout the audit and to evaluate at the completion of the audit whether the accumulated results of auditing procedures and other observations affect the assessment.
    • Provides guidance regarding the auditor’s communications about fraud to management, the audit committee, and others.
    • Describes documentation requirements.
  • Red flags on the Financial Statements-Analysis and Techniques
    • What a lawyer should look for
  • Red flags – CFO/Bookkeeper/Employee –Lawyer
  • Opportunity for fraud
    • Remove the opportunity, and remove the fraud
  • Common schemes, symptoms, and detection methods with examples
    • How can the lawyer help
  • Symptoms triggering a forensic audit
    • When should lawyers engage outside help?
  • Computer and data forensic approaches and methods
  • Using geo-location and fuzzy searches
  • Using Anagrams
  • Questions and Answer
7 part video, duration of 01:01:54.
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Micky E. Warncke

Micky E. Warncke

As Technology Coordinator, Michelle “Micky” Warncke has 18 years information technology experience, including over nine years in computer forensic investigations, e-discovery and data recovery. She has investigated several hundred cases covering such topics as intellectual property theft, embezzlement, fraud, theft of trade secrets, harassment, and divorce.  She has testified extensively as an expert in these areas in depositions and at trial.

Micky is a member of the High Technology Crime Investigators Organization (HTCIA) and of the High Technology Crime Consortium.

Michelle E. Warncke, EnCE, CCE, ACE
Dayton Location
Tel. 937.528.7222

Terry L. Yoho

Terry L. Yoho

Terry L. Yoho is a Director at the regional firm of Flagel, Huber, Flagel & Company.  Named as one of the Top Ten Women in Accounting in the Business and Professional Women’s Journal, she is an author and guest speaker at seminars for attorneys, accountants, judges, and the public.  She has more than 25 years of diversified business valuation and forensic accounting experience, including the successful use of statistical and factual evidence.  The net result of Terry’s efforts has saved clients billions of dollars through recovery or defense strategies.  With a Master of Accountancy from Case Western Reserve University, her trial experience is extensive including appearances in both federal and state courts.  She is also active in professional organizations including serving as a current member and Past President of the Certified Fraud Examiners Association Chapter, Past Chairman of the Management Services Committee of the OSCPA, the Estate Planning Council, and Past Foundation Director of EWomenNetwork Chapter.   

Cincinnati Location
Tel. 513.583.4045

Terry L. Yoho, CPA/ABV, MA, CFE, CFF

Director of Valuation Services

9135 Governors Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249

513.583.4045 Direct