A Judge's View from the Bench
  1. Pre-Trial - the 14 things a judge believes you should know and abide by prior to trial
  2. Trial - the 13 things a judge believes will make your case
  3. In General - 15 things to remember that will make you a better lawyer
  4. Criminal Cases - 3 specific things to follow in addition to all of the above
  5. Computers, technology, and its use in the Courtroom.
  6. In camera inspections - How it works and what to expect.
  7. Keep your case as simple as possible. 
  8. Voir Dire:  learn what your judge does and does not permit. 
  9. No talking objections.
  10. Take adverse rulings with grace.  The jurors have enormous faith in the judge.
  11. Motions for Summary Judgment – Rule 56
    1. “Is the record complete for the purpose of hearing and deciding the motion?”
    2. The Memorandum in Opposition - Did it raise a genuine issue of material fact?
    3. Follow precedent in YOUR jurisdiction.  Other courts are not binding on your case.
  12. Wisdom from above
    1. Be careful in voir dire and in opening that you don’t oversell your case.
    2. Most jurors will tell you they can’t hear before they tell you they can’t see.  Get your exhibits as close to the jurors as possible during the trial.    
7 part video, duration of 01:04:14.
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Judge Steven E. Martin

Judge Steven E. Martin

    Steven E. Martin is a judge on the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas in Cincinnati, Ohio. He first joined the court in 1996 and was last re-elected in November 2012 to another six-year term which expires on December 31, 2018.


    Anderson High School, 1975; Martin received his B.S. from Indiana University in 1979 and his J.D. from Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington in 1982.


    Before becoming a judge in 1996, Martin worked in private practice and served as an assistant county prosecutor specializing in environmental crime.

    Martin has also been in private practice

Judge Tom Heekin

Judge Tom Heekin

    Office: Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas General Division

    Age: 55

    Residence: Cincinnati, OH

    Occupation: Common Pleas Court Judge

    Education: J.D. University of Cincinnati

    Work Experience: Trial Attorney since 1988

    In June of 2016, I was appointed to the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, General Division, by Ohio Governor John Kasich.  My over twenty-eight years of experience as a former Hamilton County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and private sector litigation practitioner have allowed for a smooth and seamless transition to the bench.

    I have been a practicing trial attorney in Hamilton County for 27 years. I began my career as an assistant prosecutor. I have prosecuted cases in Juvenile, Municipal, and Common Pleas courts. In 1993, I went into private practice. As a partner with my brother at the firm Heekin & Heekin, I have appeared before and litigated cases in front of every Common Pleas Judge in Hamilton County since 1991. I have tremendous courtroom experience. I served as the Chairperson of the Judicial Selection Committee for the Hamilton County Republican Party for approximately 5 years.