Administrative Law:  The Nuts and Bolts

Administrative Hearings before the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles

Topics covered in this course include:

  1. Types of Hearings
    1. Security Suspension
    2. Noncompliance Suspension
    3. Random FRA Suspension
    4. Medical Suspension
    5. CDL Suspension
    6. NDR Suspension
    7. Out of State Dill
    8. Fraudulent Driver Suspension
  2. Prehearing Issues
    1. Ex parte' Communication
    2. Continuance Requests
    3. Choice of Venue
    4. Jurisdictional Preemptions
    5. Public Records Requests
    6. Due Process Issues
    7. Corporation Representation
  3. Hearings
    1. Ohio Administrative Procedure Act (R.C. 119)
    2. Scope of Hearing
    3. Evidentiary Burden
    4. Forms of Evidence
    5. Deadlines
  4. Typical Issues
    1. Non-Compliance Suspensions
    2. Security Suspensions
    3. CDL Suspensions
    4. National Driver Registry Suspensions
    5. Medical Suspensions
  5. Contacting BMV
  6. Questions and Answers
7 part video, duration of 01:01:41.
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Glenda A. Smith

Glenda A. Smith

Glenda A. Smith, is a 1992 graduate of Indiana University School of Law and Public Affairs. She holds both a Jurisprudence Doctorate and Masters in Public Affairs. Glenda is licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Ohio. She has been a public servant most of her career working as: Indiana Deputy Attorney General; Special Counsel to the Ohio Attorney General; Hamilton County Ohio Public Defender; Assistant City Manager for the City of Cincinnati; Area III Court Judge (West Chester, Ohio), and Hearing Examiner for the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  Glenda is currently a sole practitioner focusing her practice on appeals and civil rights.


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